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T85 Top Hammer Crawler Drilling Rig


T85 Top Hammer Crawler Drilling Rig

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Brand Name:Sanrock  
Product name:T85 Top Hammer Crawler Drilling Rig 
Hole Depth:25M
Drill rod: T38/T45
Hole diameter:40-90mm
Diesel engine:Cummins 134KW
Air compressor pressure:6bar
Air compressor capacity:6m³/min
Jack hammer model:Epiroc YYG14L
Jack hammer power:14kw
Jack hammer impact pressure:145bar

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T85 full hydraulic top hammer, equipped with China III engine, imported brand variable pump system, Epiroc high-power rock drill, high perforation efficiency, ultra-low energy consumption, and strong off-road capability in complex terrain. The folding arm structure ensures a wider drilling range and strong adaptability to complex terrain. This product is widely used in the drilling operations of earthwork excavation and quarry reclaiming in open pit mines and municipal engineering.
Propulsion beam system
The aluminum alloy beam driven by oil cylinder and wire rope has higher strength and better bending resistance, and can achieve ideal drilling straightness. More stable when drilling.
The propulsion beam is equipped with a mechanized lever change system, and the operator can complete the operation of the lever in the cab.
Power system
The use of Guochuan standard high-power turbocharged diesel engine provides sufficient power reserve for the whole vehicle, making the rig more adaptable to harsh working environments such as high altitude and extreme cold.
Drill boom system
Adopting a rectangular section folding boom structure, vertical and horizontal holes of 0. 3- 5. 6m can be drilled in the facade, and the drilling coverage area in the plane can reach 13m².
The crawler-type walking chassis is equipped with a high-power two-speed press-night drive traction system and a hydraulic swing adjustment system, as well as a small body width design, which makes the rig excellent off-road performance and maneuverability.
hydraulic rock drill
Control System
The programmable logic controller system has high reliability, simple installation, convenient maintenance, powerful function expansion space, and easy fault diagnosis.
Security system
Integrated display of engine oil temperature and pressure, coolant temperature and water level, compressed air discharge temperature and pressure and other alarm data, also equipped with emergency shutdown and battery charging instructions and other safety devices.
Two-stage dust collection system
The two-stage dry dust collection system can self-clean online, with good dust collection effect, meeting the national dust emission requirements.
Equipped with high-power air conditioning refrigeration system and heating system


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T85 Top Hammer Crawler Drilling Rig

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