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Sanrock SRUJ813 Underground Drilling Jumbo


Sanrock SRUJ813 Underground Drilling Jumbo

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Brand Name:Sanrock

Product name: Sanrock SRUJ813 Underground Drilling Jumbo

Type:Underground Drilling Jumbo

Hole diameter:45-89mm

Drill Pipe:T38-H35-R32/3,700mm

Diesel Engine:Cummins QSB3.9-C80-C31

Diesel Engine Power:60kw@2,200rpm

Main electric motor:55kW

Water Pump Pressure:12bar

Water Pump F.A.D:4m3/h

Air Compressure Pressure:8bar

Air Compressure F.A.D:0.3m3/min


Walking Speed:12/4.5 km/h

Climbing Angles:14°

Driving Turning Radiusinner R2,800mm outer R4,900mm

Working Face Dimensions:6,600 x 5,670mm

Max. working area:35m2

Outer dimensionL*W*Retract/strength H):10,920x1,650x2,100/2,800mm

Jumbo weight:≤12.17T

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SRUJ813 excavation trolley is widely used in underground mine development, small tunnel excavation, and can also be used in reinforcement projects such as bolt holes. The well-planned SRUJ813 will provide customers with a better perforation experience in terms of appearance, configuration, system control and other aspects. Its safety-based chassis and elevating safety roof ensure the passability and stability of the equipment, enabling operators to always work in a safe position; the "direct" positioning drill boom system achieves fast and accurate drilling positioning; equipped with The power of the ZY104M rock drill can reach 20kw, and its 60Hz frequency is a powerful guarantee for efficient rock drilling. The double buffer mechanism shock absorption system and the automatic drilling adaptation system improve the penetration efficiency while effectively reducing the consumption of drilling tools and improving production efficiency.


Ámbito de aplicación


The hydraulic rock drilling control system has the functions of automatic opening, no lubrication, no water and no impact, automatic control of the swing pressure, automatic control of the thrust pressure, and automatic anti-jamming function; , automatically adapt to deceleration and increase output torque; the electrical system adopts CAN communication connection technology, modularized sub-regional layout design, simplifies the line, and improves reliability; unique bottom hole flushing function, drilling clean, easy to load explosives .


Sanrock SRUJ813 Underground Drilling Jumbo

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