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Sanrock 260m deep portable water well drilling rig SR260 hydraulic crawler drilling rig

Sanrock 260m deep portable water well drilling rig SR260 hydraulic crawler drilling rig


Sanrock 260m deep portable water well drilling rig SR260 hydraulic crawler drilling rig

Descripción del producto

Brand Name:Sanrock  

Product Name:SR260 Crawler drilling rig 

The hole diameter:140-305mm

Drilling depth:260m

One-time advance length:3.3m

Walking speed:2.5km/h

Climbing angles:30Max

Equipped capacitor:70KW

Using air pressure:1.7-3.0MPA

Air consumption:17-31m3/min

Swing speed:45-70rpm

The penetration efficiency:10-35m/h

The engine brand:Xichai  engine

Equipped with hammer:Medium and high wind pressure series

Swing torque:4000-5300N.m

Drill pipe length:1.5m /2.0m /3.0m

Drill pipe diameter:76mm / 89mm


The weight:6500KG

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Introducción detallada

1. The chassis of the drilling rig adopts a professional walking motor with a reduction box, which has a longer life;

2. The gearbox is cast in one piece, with dual motors providing stronger power, larger torque, more durable, and low maintenance costs;

3. The use of professional excavator chassis, strong and durable, large load-bearing, wide chain plate, little damage to hard roads;

4. Each hydraulic oil pipe is covered with a thick protective jacket to make the service life of the oil pipe longer;

5.Unique bump set design and centralize controlled operation system is easy to maintain and convenient for machine operation.


Ámbito de aplicación


Full hydraulic drilling rig mainly used to drilling wells,irrigation wells,ground source heating pump wells and boreholes for other purposes,especially for mountain and rock  formation well projects.The rig can be drill in different layers.  

Very flexible in difficult roads and can be widely used in many fields such as resource exploration of hydrology wells, coal bed methane, the shallow layer of shale gas, terrestrial heat. etc, and can also be used for coal-mine gas exploitation salvage work.The top mounted driving head principal shaft has a great drift diameter, suitable for many kinds of construction work such as slurry drilling, air drilling, and air foam drilling, meeting the demands for well-drilling at different terrain strata.



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